05/16/2018: 30DC Week 1, Day 1 - “Test Day” Finally, this evening was clear enough for me to start the 30 Day Challenge; therefore, we’re going to start our numbering over again. Today was “Test Day”. The purpose is to determine a baseline from which improvements can be made. For W1, D1 I was required to do the following:

  • 30 Minute RunI haven’t run for about 3 1/2 weeks which made this run a little intense but felt great. Since I’m prone to injuries, I started by dynamic stretching for 10 minutes using the RunnerStretch app. This app is great for warm-up and cool-downs. Most importantly, it’s free.I initially planned to take this run pretty easy, for the most part, using a level 1 to 2 Tempo Run as my preferred method. I alternated between walking for 1 minute, running at a slower, level 2 pace (around 10:30/mi) for 10 minutes, walking for 3 minutes, running at a fast level 3 pace (at 9:10 to 9:30/mi) for 20 minutes, and walking for another 2 minutes. My total time was 3.1 miles in 30:08 (9:32 pace).
  • Push-up (as many as you can do in 60 seconds) This part of the test is pretty humbling. My preconceived notion was that I’d be able to complete the full 60-seconds without any problem. That is not what happened. I began to count…1…2…3…4………5………….6…………….7……………..8………………9………………..10. I had to shift to a modified version using my full body going down and knees coming up. I made it to 20. I’ve got a lot of work to do!
  • Hollow Body Hold (for as long as you can)I found this exercise to be less difficult. Picture a four-legged bug who had just been sprayed with Raid bug spray and you’ll have a pretty good image of what I looked like. While on my back, I brough my knees to my chest while lifting my head and upper back off of the ground (as in a crunch) and my arms stretched down by the outside of my knees. I added additional elements by straightening my legs and arms one at a time. When I was done, I successfully completed this exercise in 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

The first day of the 30DC went pretty well. It felt good to be back on the pavement and moving at a decent pace. I look forward to Day 2. That is if it doesn’t storm.

Time for a protein shake!